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The show purports to poke fun at pre-millennium after-school specials, all the while getting away with some of the most un-p.c. They didn’t sacrifice coconuts to their monkey gods.”)Even with a cast led by such comedy-riffing ninjas as Mark Duplass, Nick Kroll, and Paul Scheer, did anyone think a low-stakes FX sitcom about Windy City dudebros and their fantasy football league could last an amazing seven seasons?

It opened on March 31, 1971, and you'll find it at the brilliant Pike Place Market, alongside 225 other local artisans and knockout views of Elliott Bay. “Other cities would kill to have the problems that Seattle has,” as one computer science professor puts it.

Yvonne Gordon We were standing in a mangrove forest, but in this world of wood and water, the tide had gone out, exposing a complete layer of gnarled roots; an intricate network, spread out like spiders' legs, intertwined and overlapping, reaching over and under each other for water, every root glistening and dark brown with mud.

is that it offers too much of a good thing with no easy way to browse.

Samantha What: A sitcom starring Christina Applegate as a 30-year-old real-estate exec whose life as a bitchy-cosmopolitan type is upheaved when a hit-and-run leaves her with amnesia.

Samantha When: The show ran for two seasons, from 2007 to 2009; for various reasons, ratings plummeted after a strong premiere.

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